Advice From an Idiot hipocrit.

Advice From an Idiot hipocrit.

Rule number one: dont be an idiot. Know who you are, and please try your hardest not to be a follower. I Can go on but you will hear about the rest later. Actually i think rule number one should really just be know you are. And if you have some sort of religion try to resort back to your faith as much as possible. …….. Ok im getting to far ahead. let me start off by saying hello i wil be the idiot hipocrit giving you these lessons. and if you are smart, you will deffinitly listen. so let me school you real quick ……..

My name is…., and befor you start laughing i must say the name has grew on me and i sorta think it fits. A lady that was very special to my mother gave me that name and if you dont like it, well you can just…… laugh yea, you can laugh it will mean that i have brought a smile to your day so go ahead laugh. But yea thats my name and im hear to give you advice im not taking myself therfore calling myself a loser hipocrit… or was it idiot hipocrit??? cant remember cuz i smoke too much pot. Anyhoo…. I am 28 years old, my birthday is March 2oth 1986 i am a pises. I have one child, my daughter leiairah whom i adore with all my heart. I have one brother and one stepsister from my fathers side. My parents stayed together until i was 24. now in order to understand me , you must know about my childhood, i loved books, playing school, creating things, all sorts of crafts and just having fun. But today what am i ? a horrible mother, a liar, a thief, insecure, careless, weak, addictive, lazy, procrastinate- the most important things at that .. ok you get the point basically im like this loser that is just living…… seriously just living not doing anything ???? sound great??? ok if you said yes, then your a loser too. thats how it feels when you do the same thing everyday with nothing accomplised.
So back to rule number one Know who you are, what you want out of this life we were blessed with. How you will go about achieving that, what you will and will not do, and always stick to your mind that willl keep you from being a follower which in return will leave you more space to follow your goals and dreams as you please. Try to surround yourself arround people like yourself, people with similar dreams and goals. Avoid negative people and or oppurtunities, but instaed take full advantage of every poisitive oppurtunitie and pay close attention to those who do well and people that open doors. This all falls on knowing who you are, because if you can remember that at every situation in your life you will feel successful in your choices and if you dont, then there is no one to blame but yourself.
Be confident, as cliche as it may sound it is extremly important, sure you dont have to be the cocky jerk craving attention, but have some self confidence about yourself, best way to not feel like an idiot in a professinal setting , freaken read more!!!! seriously it helps, and actually read something useful. Dont like your health or size? who problem is that? thats right!!!! its yours DUHH!!! so with that being said, if your not gonna do something about you just look dumb complaining about it.
STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS AND ALCHOHOL….. ok so hear is something ironic, in high school i had to do a senior project on anything it just had to consist of a prepared presentation, via essay or powerpoint, you got the point. but for some reason i decided to do mine on effects of drug and alchol abuse….. (childhood drama inspired) and i got a good grade on it, but flashback to today at the age of 28 and im an alcholic, im addicted to weed and ciggeretts and im just a lose…… i alamost began to self loath but remebered im schooling you so wake up!!
so like i was saying if you would like to perserve your brain and maybe even your health just stay away from it, i mean the effects are perment and leave you looking like an idiot… like me, and once you start and it can be seriously hard to let go . You are probaly wondering why im so hard on myself but the truth is, if im not, then who will be ? You? Yeah right.
Rule number two- Set your prorities straiht and stick them. Procrastinate means to put off till another day or time; defer; delay. and this is one of my worst habits , sad thing is i mostly put off the most important, time sensitive tasks and then go through the consequences later. so if you share this habit, i suggest you pay close attention . organize your just like you would make a meal plan. a plan for the whole schedule, basically plan out your week, trust me it helps. and it will keep you from frorgetting important tasks and dates. and also allow you to see what you do, where your day goes, and how much time you spend doing something. You dont have to get one of those fancy planners, just get a notebook and start planning. yo wake up, am i getting boring? should i start telling you a story about how i almost got evicted? well i turned in my rent late…. end of story. so yea that should give u a reason why procrastinating can effect your life.